About Us


Stylist turned Chemist

Sayblee Darsale, Founder & Lead Scientific Developer

In 1994, while her native country, Liberia, was enduring a civil war Sayblee sought refuge to the United States with her daughter Ashley. After attending business school for a few years, she decided to pursue cosmetology in 1996 earning an apprenticeship with Vidal Sassoon. A concern developed as her and her clients became frustrated with the hair products available.

In 2011, she saw the market recourse towards organic, natural, toxin-free products that promised, but did not deliver. From that experience Sayblee set out to develop safe, natural, hair care for her clients who were becoming concerned with the long term effects typically found in industry standard products. Over the last 7 years Sayblee has studied herbal healing and attended the World Society of Trichology in order to develop Sayblee products and help those with hair and skin conditions. She became a Certified Hair and Scalp Specialist, Trichologist in 2018.

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