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Color Protecting Shampoo

This product is part of my SAYBLEE HAIR GROWTH Collection

SAYBLEE Color Protecting Shampoo is formulated to preserve the color leaving hair and scalp hydrated.

Which hair type is it for?

Perfect for color or chemically- treated hair

Key benefits

  • Gently cleanses and protects color-treated hair.
  • Moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Adds bounce and shine

This natural color-protecting mild formula gently cleanses, prevents fading while maintaining healthy hair color. It also nourishes within and creates an anti-deposit effect on hair fiber's surface for lasting vibrancy and sheen. Besides, the goodness of active botanicals moisturizes and hair and scalp deep within and adds body and shine to strands while preserving its color.

Benefits of Active Botanicals

Tamanu Oil - These triglycerides, which are drenched in essential fatty acids and nutrients, hydrates the strands and revitalizes stronger, longer, and healthier hair while bringing out natural luster and manageability. Its anti-microbial and scalp-soothing properties eliminate fungal infections and calm stressed scalp improving its health. Moreover, the regenerative benefits of calophyllic acid enhance new tissue formation and accelerating healing. Tamanu Oil moisturizes the scalp and hair as well.

Baobab Oil - Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, Baobab Oil promotes hydration and strengthens dry, brittle hair. It is also reported that this plant oil helps prevent or treat dandruff and itchy scalp. Baobab oil acts as an emollient imparting high-gloss, super-smooth texture as well.

Kukui Nut Oil - The amino acids and essential fatty acids content present in Kukui nut oil penetrate the scalp's deep layers and hydrate the hair leaving it looking healthy and moisturized. This plant oil has regenerative effects on the hair and scalp in addition to adding shine to hair.

How to use

Massage a small amount of Shampoo into wet hair and rinse thoroughly whenever cleanse your hair.

Rinse thoroughly. Repeat a second time if necessary.

For optimal results, follow with SAYBLEE Color Protecting Conditioner.

What else you need to know:

This product is vegan certified. Manufactured with naturally-derived ingredients only.

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