Q. Who can benefit from SAYBLEE?

A. SAYBLEE is a complete system of hair care products to nurture, heal, and revive their hair. Our products can be used by men and women alike who are experiencing hair loss, hair damage,  or simply just want to maintain healthy lively hair. 


Q. What if I need help with permanent or premature hair loss?

A. Our Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment can help. After shampooing your hair, apply the treatment directly to the scalp and hair shaft and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. The treatment is a unique formula combining vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. It stimulates, nourishes, and revitalizes your hair.


Q. I am experiencing alopecia, can SAYBLEE help me?

A. Our products have helped several women and men with alopecia. This natural remedy heals and cleans the scalp of any bacteria and revives hair follicles for new growth or regrowth. 


Q. When will I see results using the Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment?  

A. While everyone’s hair growth is unique, you will immediately feel and see a difference in the touch and texture of your hair and scalp after your first treatment. Two weeks after first time use you will begin to notice regrowth. Depending on the condition of your hair, we recommend using an entire jars application for each treatment and repeat additional treatments in two to four weeks time repeatedly over the course of three months to a year for maximum results. Users with alopecia or total hair loss should apply treatment every two weeks, while others looking to stimulate length can use product every four weeks. 


Q. How long should I use the Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment

A. For the minimum results use every two weeks for three months. For maximum results use every two to four weeks for a year. 


Q. Can the Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment work for someone older in age?

YES, the treatment is designed to heal and revive hair follicles for all ages. 


Q. Can I use SAYBLEE if my hair is colored, relaxed, or permed? 

A. YES. You may use our products on all hair types including natural, colored, relaxed, and permed hair. These products are designed to prevent and protect from damage, while promoting healthy hair growth.


Q. Will SAYBLEE weigh down my hair?

A.  Our products are designed to moisturize the hair while keeping it light-weight and absorbent. Hair growth, healing, styling and protective products such as the Sayblee Lime Nourishing Oil, Shea Butter, Root Stimulator, and Lavender Herbal Cream should be applied as desired. Each product does contain its own unique consistency and purpose so please read descriptions carefully to identify which product would best satisfy your hair needs.


Q. What are the side effects? 

A. There are no side effects related to using SAYBLEE. These products are made from all natural organic ingredients. However, some people may be allergic to specific natural ingredients. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use.


Q.  Is SAYBLEE safe for children? 

A. YES. Our products were designed with children in mind. It is completely safe for children ages 2 and older.


Q. Do I need to use the complete product line before I see results?

A. We recommend you use our complete system of products to experience maximum results. However, each product is individually designed to promote hair growth.


Q. May I use other brands of hair care while using SAYBLEE?

A. We advise our customers to exclusively use our products to experience the most optimal results and benefits. Other products may include ingredients that conflict with ours.