SAYBLEE is an organic, vegan certified hair care product line made of all-natural ingredients. SAYBLEE products penetrate hair follicles to nourish damaged hair and promote growth, blending the power of nature and science, while transforming your hair to reveal healthy luster and volume.



In 2011, certified trichologist Sayblee Darsale established the SAYBLEE brand, an innovative hair care line that delivers the benefits of nature and the advancement of science to promote healthy sustainable beauty.

SAYBLEE offers a Triple R total haircare system: Restore, Regrow and Retain.

Restore – Help strengthen, moisturize, and add shine for soft, voluminous hair by averting damage and thinning due to hereditary loss, medical conditions, thermal styling and chemical treatments.

Regrow – Help stimulate and nourish follicles with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that assist in reviving dormant follicles, promoting healthy hair growth while soothing and calming the scalp.

Retain – Help keep hair and scalp healthy by nourishing and enhancing the efficiency of capillaries and boosting blood circulation. 




I am a trichologist and I love the way I can help people.

Trichology is the science that studies hair, hair loss and associated scalp problems. A para-medical specialty since 1902, trichologists embrace the recognition that healthy hair and scalp depend on the health of the body. In practice, a trichologist is a bridge between your hairstylist and hair replacement or dermatology. Reasons to consult a trichologist are hair loss, problems of the scalp, and problems with hair texture. 

When I was seven years old, my neighbor Ma Mary used to ask me to do her hair. She would pay me fifty cents. She told me she prayed for me to go to America to do hair and make a lot of money, because I have a gift and in America people make a lot of money from their gifts. I came to America because of the civil war in my country, Liberia, West Africa.

Here, a salon relaxed my hair, and I started losing my hair. After a year, I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself I had to stop relaxing my hair or I would be bald by age fifty. I started braiding my own hair while in college. My college mates liked it, and some of them asked me to do theirs, which led me to beauty school in 1996.

In beauty school the product ingredients were unhealthy. I told myself that someday I would create a safe product for people's hair. I believe I created my product line to nourish people's hair from inside and out. I am Sayblee, a mother, a consultant, an inventor and a hair and scalp specialist.

- Sayblee