Restore, Regrow, Retain Nourishing System


This package is designed for people with hair loss, hair thinning, dry hair, some scalp disorders and for people who wants to maintain healthy hair. This Sayblee's complete system if put together to restore, regrow, and retain healthy stimulating hair growth.

System Includes:

Hair Growth Treatment 2 oz

Lime Nourishing Shampoo 8 fl oz

Lime Nourishing Conditioner 8 fl oz

Lime Nourishing Oil 2 fl oz

Root Stimulator 2 oz

*Does not repair Scarring Alopecia

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Steps to using this package

  1. Use our Lime Nourishing Shampoo to gently clean and nourish 
  2. Apply the Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment, using the entire 2 fl oz jar
  3. After rinsing out the Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment, detangle and nourish hair with our Lime Nourish & Detangling Conditioner
  4. Pat hair dry and apply our Root Stimulator to the scalp and edges. Massage into scalp until oils disappear
  5. Spray Lime Nourishing Oil onto scalp and hair to allow for shine, hydration, and to continue the hair growing process