Monique h.

This woman and her products that have been bringing my hair back to life. She hand makes them using 100% percent natural ingredients that have a 1 year shelf life, my hair LOVES this stuff. Thickness, length, moisture retention and alll my hair is thriving ,it hasn't been this healthy since pre-bad salon experience! Every two weeks I get my hair treated; no excuses! Shedding; GONE, breakage; GONE! My hair is soft and has this natural sheen to it. If you're a curly-sue like myself I highly recommend this woman and or her products. I love me some sayblee! #naturalhair #haircrack #hairwellness

alan l.

Great for skin conditions! I've had itching and flakes and now it's pretty much under control, thanks Sayblee!

Anna c.

Sayblee has created very high quality hair care products. After using the Rosemary shampoo and conditioner, my thick curly hair is more manageable and definitely less frizzy. Try these products and you won't be disappointed by the results.