Before & After Photos of a Product with a Proven Results.

These photos show the progress of clients who received Sayblee’s natural hair treatment coupled with her product lines for only 3 months!


Customer Reviews

Sayblee has created very high quality hair care products. After using the Rosemary shampoo and conditioner, my thick curly hair is more manageable and definitely less frizzy. Try these products and you won’t be disappointed by the results.
— Anna C.
When I started using Sayblee, my hair was thinning and breaking. Now my hair is thicker and softer and easier to manage. Love her root stimulator and lime scalp nourishing oil.
— Carlos Cobb-Jackson
Sayblee has done wonders for my hair. Her skills have done fantastic accomplishments for my hair. I’m quite happy with the success I’ve gotten from her managing my hair health. Thanks, Sayblee, you are much appreciated.
— Sandra Belony
I started using her products on my daughter’s hair and it is amazing—it used to be dry and my daughter doesn’t complain when I do her hair AND it retains moisture. Sayblee is the natural hair MASTER!
— Hulda Michel Saint- Fleur
Awesome line! Would recommend if anyone suffers from dandruff or dry scalp. They have all your needs covered.
— Courtney Kerr
When I started using Sayblee 5 months ago, I was going bald. My hair was thinning out. To top it all off, the hairs around my edges were gone! Not only was I losing my hair, but I also had a big knot the size of a strawberry on the back lower part of my head that the doctor’s claimed was swollen tissue. But with treatments every two weeks and using Sayblee’s hair products on a daily basis, my edges grew back and my hair is very strong! Oh and the knot that was on the lower back part of my head, it is barely even there due to the everyday use of Sayblee’s hair products! Glory be to God! I highly recommend Sayblee’s hair products; I believe that her products are therapeutic and amazing! She is on to something big in the science world.....
— Lakesha Rolle
I stumbled into Sayblee products about 3 months ago at a farmers market and decided to give it a try. Since then I can honestly say that their hair products are some of the best that I have ever used. I am currently using the lime nourishing shampoo and conditioner along with the oil and hair growth treatment. Before I started using these products my hair was falling out and getting very thin and everything I tried seems to be useless. However, since I started using Sayblee hair products, I have seen significant change in my hair growth and thickness. I especially love the refreshing smell and the soft silky feel it gives my hair. Truly amazing products and quality services.
— Antonio Crutchley
This woman and her products have been bringing my hair back to life. She hand makes them using 100% natural ingredients that have a 1 year shelf life, my hair LOVES this stuff. Thickness, length, moisture retention and all my hair is thriving. It hasn’t been this healthy since pre-bad salon experience! Every two weeks I get my hair treated; no excuses! Shedding; GONE, breakage; GONE! My hair is soft and has a natural sheen to it. If you’re a curly-sue like myself I highly recommend this woman and or her products. I love me some sayblee! #naturalhair #haircrack #hairwellness
— Monique Morris
Great for skin conditions! I’ve had itching and flakes and now it’s pretty much under control, thanks Sayblee!
— Alan L.