Rosemary Clarifying Conditioner

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SAYBLEE Rosemary Clarifying Conditioner developed to moisturize, soothe hair and scalp while detangling without leaving hair feeling heavy.

Which hair type is it good for?
Suitable for straight to wavy hair

Key benefits:

  • Hydrates hair and scalp
  • Restore hair’s substance and resilience
  • Detangles and smoothes hair.
  • Soothes and promotes a healthy scalp

This soothing & hydrating luxurious conditioner soaked with herbal and essential oils to soften hair and restore luster bounce while defining and detangling curls. The aromatic and botanical blend in the formula soothes itchy and dry scalp, which leads to promoting a healthy scalp.

Benefits of Active Botanicals:
Aloe Vera Gel – As an emollient, Aloe Vera soothes the cuticle by forming a film on the surface of the hair. Aloe Vera’s natural proteolytic enzymes remove the dead skin cells and harmful fungus that lead to dandruff while leaving the pH level of the scalp balanced. It provides, attracts, and seals moisture due to the presence of water and sugars. Aloe Vera also contains vitamins, minerals, and twenty amino acids that strengthen the hair and imparts shine as well.

Coconut Oil- Incredibly versatile Coconut oil more deeply penetrates the hair shaft and fills it to help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage chemical damages. Coconut oil also refreshes between washes and leaving the hair glistening and smooth in appearance while providing helpful “slip” that increases the combability of the hair. The oil also locks in the moisture and helps hair stay hydrated for longer. It calms rogue strands avoiding flyaways and frizz as well.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil- Due to the long-chain fatty oils content, Meadowfoam seed oil penetrates the hair’s cortex, making hair stronger and forms a protective coating on the hair helping to retain moisture. It also can help rejuvenate dry or damaged hair and delivers beautiful natural sheen. Moreover, Meadowfoam seed oil protects against the harsh rays of the sun while taming curly or wavy hair.

How to use: Apply to hair and scalp then massage for 2-3 minutes while detangling hair

What else you need to know:

  • This product is vegan certified.
  • Manufactured with naturally-derived ingredients only.

All of our products are 100% organic and vegan certified designed to keep all hair types luscious and healthy. 

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