Hair Growth Study - After Using Sayblee Products

Coping with hair loss and thinning is difficult. Especially when your hair loss starts at the age of only ten years old.

  • Age: 20s
  • Sex: Female
  • Ethnicity: Indian
  • Hair Type: Thin, Curly
  • Hair Loss Category: Genetics

             Hair. It’s been called our crowning glory, a symbol of youth, fertility, and beauty. For women all around the world, it’s also an expression of confidence and personal style. Unfortunately, for a growing number of women hair loss takes on a whole new meaning. Especially when that hair loss begins at such a young, sensitive age. Halima’s hair began falling out at the young age of ten. She describes that initially she really didn’t know what to make of her fall-out and resorted to simply covering it up with a bandana. Later on, as her hair loss persisted, Halima became a product junkie. “Anything that was out there, you name it, I’ve tried it!” She remembers as she sits in front of me now with her natural curls, delicately framing her face. “Nothing worked. I had no hope that anything would work for me. Then, I met Sayblee around 2018.”

            “Halima’s case became personal to me.” Explains Sayblee with warm eyes of compassion. “Because her hair loss started at such a young age, and is due to her genetics and background, I knew it was going to be something she was always going to have to fight. But with me, her hair didn’t have to fall out. Our hair growth treatment is designed to stop the hair from falling.” And so, Sayblee took Halima’s hair journey into her own hands. “In 2018, I began seeing Halima every two weeks to apply the hair growth treatment.”

            The Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment is designed to help pause hair thinning and heal ailments associated with the scalp resulting in fuller and more lustrous locks. All plant based, the Hair Growth Treatment stimulates hair growth, hydrates and nourishes hair follicles, rebuilds strength, improves shine and resilience of hair, promotes healthy scalp, and addresses hair loss and scalp disorders. Some of the active botanicals are the Aloe Vera Gel, Camelina Oil, and Flaxseed Oil which work together to the leave the follicles and hair shaft strong while smelling like a spa. The days between the treatment, Halima used the Lime Nourishing Complete System for regular hair maintenance and upkeep. “I love the Lime set; it smells so good!”

            Halima’s hair has made much improvement since the onset of her hair loss and thinning. Her natural, curly strands are much thicker and voluminous. Her scalp is free from any inflammation, red areas, dryness, and itchiness. “I recommend that Halima continue to use Sayblee products in the long term to maintain a healthy hair care lifestyle because of her history of genetic hair loss and most hair products with chemical ingredients tend to worsen hereditary hair loss.”

Although Halima accepts that this is an ongoing battle, her plans are to continue with the Sayblee system. “After my hair study is over, I plan to continue using the system. I’d like to continue with it because it works. I encourage anyone out there who is scared, like I was, of trying a natural, hair growth treatment to turn to Sayblee.”

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