SAYBLEE® is an organic, vegan certified, hair care product line, with a patented formula made from all-natural ingredients. SAYBLEE® products penetrate hair follicles to nourish & rejuvenate damaged hair, blending the power of nature & science, while transforming your hair to reveal healthy luster & volume. In 2011, certified trichologist, hair & scalp scientist, Sayblee Darsale established the SAYBLEE® brand, with her patented formula as an innovative hair care line that delivers the benefits of nature and the advancement of science to promote healthy sustainable beauty.


My name is Sayblee Darsale. I am the creator of the first patented, vegan certified, organic hair growth product line in the United States. I am the founder, Master hair stylist, and hair & scalp scientist behind the Sayblee products, which I created with my two hands and God given brain. Sayblee is a handmade, vegan certified, organic product line developed to help promote healthy hair growth.

Working in the hair care industry for 25+ years, with a diverse clientele having all different types of hair, my mission has always been to make customers’ hair and scalp healthy with my Sayblee products line. I have known since an early age in my native Liberia which ingredients are best for keeping the hair and scalp healthy because of what my grandma used to make for our hair.



Growing up in Liberia, West Africa, my neighbor Mary used to ask me to do her hair and would pay me $0.50 cents. She told me that I have a gift and that she will pray for me to go to America because in America people can make a lot of money for their gifts.

Fast forward to America in June of 1994 while working as a model, my hair was thick and very kinky. I went to the salon to get it done and the hairstylist did not know what to do with my hair and they persuaded me to relax it.

After a year of relaxing my hair, one day I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself, if you do not stop relaxing your hair you will go bald by the time you’re 50 years old. I stopped and I started braiding my hair while I was in college instead. My classmates liked the way I braided my hair and one of them asked me to braid hers. She came to my townhome on Brickell Ave and I did her hair for ten hours. She paid me $40 plus a $10 tip, which at the time was a lot of money for me. Fast forward a year later I took this inspiration and started to go to beauty school.

 When I entered beauty school, I saw the need for healthy hair products. I saw how damaging the hair products they were using in the school were, and I felt like dropping out because the chemicals in the products were too strong for human beings to be around for a long time day in day out. I told myself that I like doing hair, and so I was going to make a safe product line that will be healthy for mankind someday.

After beauty school I worked for Vidal Sasoon, before I started working for myself. This is when I began to develop the ingredients for my products but I did not have the money to test and protect them, so I created a secondary ingredients and gave it to a manufacturing company called trademark cosmetics. They took my ingredients and formulated poor quality products for me, but also made a product line called “Kinky Curly” from my ingredients & ideas and sold it in whole foods.


I went to a lawyer to see if I could take legal action, but there was nothing that could be done. I was so hurt, I remember when I was leaving my lawyer’s office, I was crying very hard telling myself I will make all my products by myself and I am glad I did not give them my real ingredients. I was just crying saying they will not win. I went to my salon and closed for the rest of the day, but after this I went home and ordered my first ingredients. I remember it was $247.58 and I made my first nine jars of the 2oz jar hair growth treatment. I sold it to my clients and reinvested the money I made.

During this time I perfected my knowledge, becoming a hair and scalp scientist in the U.S. and a self taught herbalist, developing my entire product line with organic ingredients. I first tested my products on myself and my salon clients. Encouraged by good results, I began selling in a farmers market and placement in salons and retail stores to carry my products.


Before my first official raw materials order, I was buying all the ingredients from the supermarket and I would chop, mix and beat everything together in a bowl for about fifteen minutes for each client before I applying it on their hair for those years while I was experimenting with the formula. With this foundation, the ingredients in my products work like food for your hair.

Learning from my past, and understanding how precious my ingredients & formula are, I patented my product formula, as well as obtaining a Vegan Certification (Cruelty-Free, Organic, Sustainably Sourced) for all of the ingredients. The hair care industry, acquaintances, former friends & colleagues have attempted to learn my secrets, but protecting this formula has been a massive & revolutionary step in bringing Sayblee Products to market  







Based on Trichology knowledge and decades of years of experience in working with hair of all types, our founder Sayblee Darsale uses a holistic method for her patented formula in SAYBLEE®️ to offer a Triple R total hair care system: Restore, Regrow, Retain.

RESTORE: means our hair growth treatment is strategically developed to revitalize and wake up the hair (cells) follicles.

REGROW: means our hair growth treatment is specifically formulated to nourish your hair (cells), penetrating the scalp & follicles for healthy growth.

RETAIN: mean our products are systematically designed to strengthen and keep your hair healthy no matter what type of hair or what you are dealing with.


At SAYBLEE®, we believe natural vegan haircare products made with all organic, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced ingredients is the way of the future! We are mindful of what we put on our hair as well as in the environment. 

Our hair care product line combines a potent blend of active botanicals with Sayblee‘s 25+ years of experience as a hair stylist & certified trichologist to deliver a unique and beneficial experience to the consumer. Formulated with plant-derived compounds containing high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients essential for healthy hair growth, SAYBLEE® products nourish and rejuvenate hair and heal the scalp. These potent, bioactive ingredients are obtained by advanced extraction methods that preserve their biocompatibility, efficacy and safety. Our formulas are adjusted and optimized to work with the physiological functions of the hair and scalp. 

Our product line is for all hair types, with natural ingredients safe for the whole family, and does not contain toxins or synthetics, nor any other harmful ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates (including SLS and SLES), mineral oil, diethanolamine (DEA), or fragrance. 

SAYBLEE® is certified as vegan, which denotes that no animal or animal by-products are contained in manufacturing ingredients or finished products. Furthermore, products are not tested on animals. We utilize ethically-sourced ingredients to create a range of naturally-inspired guilt-free beauty products.

We use glass jars, bottles and BPA free plastic bottles.

We believe that “simple” can be substantial.

SAYBLEE® is more than just a product line. It is a conscious lifestyle choice that will leave its users feeling good about their hair and the environment. Moreover, SAYBLEE® has become a reliable answer for people seeking a natural solution for hair and scalp problems.