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SAYBLEE® is an organic, vegan certified, hair care product line, with a patented formula made from all-natural ingredients.

SAYBLEE® products penetrate hair follicles to nourish & rejuvenate damaged hair, blending the power of nature & science, while transforming your hair to reveal healthy luster & volume.

In 2011, certified trichologist, hair & scalp scientist, Sayblee Darsale established the SAYBLEE® brand, with her patented formula as an innovative hair care line that delivers the benefits of nature and the advancement of science to promote healthy sustainable beauty.

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Founder of Sayblee Products

My name is Sayblee Darsale. I am the creator of the first patented, vegan certified, organic hair growth product line in the United States. I am the founder, Master hair stylist, and hair & scalp scientist behind the Sayblee products, which I created with my two hands and God given brain. Sayblee is a handmade, vegan certified, organic product line developed to help promote healthy hair growth.

Working in the hair care industry for 25+ years, with a diverse clientele having all different types of hair, my mission has always been to make customers’ hair and scalp healthy with my Sayblee products line. I have known since an early age in my native Liberia which ingredients are best for keeping the hair and scalp healthy because of what my grandma used to make for our hair.

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Someone with healthy hair and you just want to keep it healthier with no chemical and pain free hair treatment mask. If you want your hair thicker than it is. If your hair is not healthy and you want it to be overall healthy. If your hair is thinning, if it is shredding.Anyone with any type of hair loss including scarring alopecia can benefit from our hair growth treatment mask.

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