Rosemary Clarifying Complete System

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Our Rosemary Clarifying System will help heal inflammation and nourish your hair. It is for you who have oily hair but wants to use products that will not add more oil or dry the hair completely. It will reduce excess oil and leave the natural oil intact. If you suffer from heavy dandruff, psoriasis and folliculitis. Perfect to help soothe and help heal all types of scalp irritations. If your hair is healthy and you just want to use a clean plant-based hair product to maintain the health of your hair. This will also help prevent hair loss from medical conditions, chemicals, stress, male and female partner baldness. Perfect for wavy to straight hair.

 If you just need to maintain the health of your hair with clean plants based products. Perfect for straight to wavy hair.

Rosemary Clarifying System includes:

2oz Hair Growth Treatment

8oz Rosemary Clarifying Shampoo

8oz Rosemary Clarifying Conditioner

2oz Rosemary Clarifying Oil

2oz Lavender Herbal Cream 

All of our products are vegan certified and made with 100% organic ingredients. 


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