A Letter from Sayblee: "To keep all people's hair healthy..."

Dear customers, I am sure we all have experienced this pandemic in many different ways. Unfortunately, a significant number of us lost our loved ones for which I will always remember how painful it has been, having lost my loved ones during the war in my native land LiberiaWest Africa in the nineties and some of you may remember that war.

Some of us pivoted quickly from whatever we were doing. Some of us took some time to think about how, why, where, and when to pivot. As for me I find myself in all these areas but most importantly learning more about myself and my life in general. I believe I have taken enough thinking to make some changes now. I will keep learning to make more positive changes. I will never stop thinking, learning to make changes that make my heart happy to help all and every one of my customers who want to have access to Sayblee products.

In this phase of my life, I have decided to grab and hold wholeheartedly unto my WHY I made Sayblee products and focus on it. Never to allow the many suggestions and advice to delay the process for Sayblee's commitment to her WHY which is the main reason SHE is still here to stay.

My main reason for making “Sayblee” which became the first vegan patented hair growth products in American is to keep all people's, men and women, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, mother and son, father, and daughter, young and old in all household hair healthy from the inside out with my plant-based products. I want everyone to use The Sayblee Hair Growth Treatment which is the mother for all of my products and the most important product to strengthen our hair cells. This was something I had never seen in the hair industry in America when I moved here in 1994 and became a cosmetologist in 1997. When I started making my clean plant-based hair products there was no other people or companies thinking about vegan hair products when I was doing my research....

We all spend our lives doing different things to impact us and others, good or bad. I often think of my father who spent his life helping mothers to bring their babies in this world safely and when the war came in my country, he chose to stay to do just that. Unfortunately, the war intensified, and he got sick, with no medicine for his illness and died. He was my ROCK and I always do my best to be like him...

Hopefully by making Sayblee products, I believe I can have a positive impact on many people's hair and that can be one of my contributions to the world besides raising my daughter to be a fine human being...

Regardless of the high cost of the quality of ingredients I use in my products, my main goal is to keep all people's hair healthy. I have restructured my prices for all and everyone who wants to use “Sayblee'' to have access to it.

The only thing I am asking you to understand is that I am committed to the quality of our ingredients #1. Therefore, my prices can never and will never be as low as those huge companies' prices. I hope all families, especially mothers from all walks of life, can afford to share Sayblee products with their families. Thanks for taking your time to read this letter. I am happy to be a part of you and your family's healthy plant-based hair care journey.


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