Sustainability and why is it important to our products?

     Sourcing our products from organic ingredients is vital to our message as a vegan haircare line. In following with our message about believing in having a sustainable haircare line we will explain our reasoning for using 100% vegan ingredients. Ingredients commonly seen throughout our two different lines are: aloe vera, camelina oil, vitamin E, and flaxseed oil amongst others. All four ingredients are organic materials used without the need to mix in heavy chemicals such as alcohols, sulfates or parabens which dry out and damage the hair shaft.

     When Sayblee products was being created a lot of consideration went into ensuring that the brand would be a vegan haircare one. This meant understanding that not just any ingredient could go into these products. Once proven to work the ingredients remained 100% vegan and it has remained the same way ever since. 

     Beyond the proven benefits of using Sayblee products for not only scalp issues but also for hair loss and hair growth... Sayblee products are also non-detrimental to use for the environment. By this we mean that our products come with minimal packaging and are safe to discard of once finished. There's no frills and unnecessary paper or plastic into the products but rest assured that the bottles contain everything needed to ensure the best hair care system. 

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