Being Grateful for Your Hair Type

     Far too often we hear "I wish I had straight hair" or the opposite "I wish I had curly hair." What tends to be the case for the people in these scenarios is not knowing how to take care of their hair types. This is why Sayblee is offering potential clients a FREE 30 minute consultation that is personalized to each client, based on their hair type, on how to use Sayblee products. For instance, the lime nourishing system is suited for curly to kinky hair. Where as the rosemary clarifying system is suited for straight to wavy hair. Even so, Sayblee will go deeper with each customer and find out their pain points. Are they balding? Do they have an itchy/flaky scalp? What are they looking for in their haircare products?

     Some people want to see instant results and while a lot of products promise this- they tend to harm the clients hair even more with their harsh ingredients. But on a strict regimen of using only all natural Sayblee products will show that over the course of a few weeks and eventually months you will love your hair again.  Everyone's hair care journey is different but we should all be thankful for the hair we were born with. This is geared towards people with curly hair- be proud of your hair and don't be ashamed of its size. With our products, curly hair shines and is manageable once again- to not become an issue dealing with it such as in styling it. Not only do we offer- shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments but also leave in conditioners, oils and creams. 

     The message we champion each and every day is to love your hair. If your hair isn't behaving the way it should or if it's just up to no good lately, leave it to Sayblee products to tame your hair once again. Our organic, vegan ingredients shine through and provide a nourishing experience for anyone who uses our products. The results are like night and day coming from a big brand that uses sulfates, parabens, and harsh alcohols and then switching to our vegan brand that states all of our natural ingredients and their uses. For instance, Isopropyl alcohol is a not needed and harmful ingredient in skin and hair care products. It has
no nourishing benefit, it dries the hair, causes flakes and inflames acne. It removes the natural oil from the hair shaft. You can find this type of ingredient styling products like hair gel, volumizers and hair sprays. This will break your hair. Therefore, be very cognizant of the products you are using and the ingredients they are composed of. 

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